I’m nearing completion of a 3D printed solution for both a battery pack for Beaglebone and a housing that also contains header and sensor packs. I have a PWM and voltage booster for powering the Vex based motors that I’ve chosen for my CASSY project.

Here is an interesting connector (https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/538-36876-0002-CT) that might allow me to provide the mating between battery pack and beaglebone.

Here’s another interesting connector that might be a good microB usb cable end (https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/534-941).

The Battery Pack uses the following off-the-shelf parts

PartManufacturerPart NumberQuantitySupplier
Beaglebone Black See attached model  1
AA’ Male Battery Contact
Keystone Electronics Corp.52211Mouser
‘AA’ Female Battery ContactKeystone Electronics Corp.52221Mouser
AA’ Dual M/F Battery ContactKeystone Electronics Corp.52122Mouser
‘AA’ Rechargeable Batteries (nimh)Energizer3Mouser
Power boost 1000C   24651Adafruit
Power switchMountain Switch107-1261B1Mouser
Power connector (recharge)Adafruit6101Adafruit
Battery contactKeystone53302Mouser
Battery contactTE Connectivity42214-22Mouser
Battery cable (JST) Adafruit2611Adafruit
Recharge cable connectorAdafruit (1826)
Keystone (941)
Barrel ConnectorAdafruit33101Adafruit
Table 1. Parts list for Battery Pack and Beaglebone Pack (to date)

The wiring diagram for the Battery Pack and Beaglebone is: