I’m nearing completion of a 3D printed solution for both a battery pack for Beaglebone and a housing that also contains header and sensor packs. I have a PWM and voltage booster for powering the Vex based motors that I’ve chosen for my CASSY project.

Here is an interesting connector (https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/538-36876-0002-CT) that might allow me to provide the mating between battery pack and beaglebone.

Here’s another interesting connector that might be a good microB usb cable end (https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/534-941).

The Battery Pack uses the following off-the-shelf parts

Part Manufacturer Part Number Quantity Supplier
Beaglebone Black  See attached model     1  
AA’ Male Battery Contact Keystone Electronics Corp. 5221 1 Mouser
‘AA’ Female Battery Contact Keystone Electronics Corp. 5222 1 Mouser
AA’ Dual M/F Battery Contact Keystone Electronics Corp. 5212 2 Mouser
‘AA’ Rechargeable Batteries (nimh) Energizer   3 Mouser
Power boost 1000C  see model    2465 1 Adafruit
Power switch Mountain Switch 107-1261B 1 Mouser
Power connector (recharge) Adafruit 610 1 Adafruit
Battery contact Keystone 5330 2 Mouser
Battery contact TE Connectivity 42214-2 2 Mouser
Battery cable (JST) Adafruit 261 1 Adafruit
Recharge cable connector Adafruit (1826)
Keystone (941)
1 Adafruit
Barrel Connector Adafruit 3310 1 Adafruit
Table 1. Parts list for Battery Pack and Beaglebone Pack (to date)

The wiring diagram for the Battery Pack and Beaglebone is: